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Update v1.1.0.0

This update includes minor bug fixes, including:

  • Renaming of phases and goals only renames the activities that are visible (those not filtered or decluttered).

  • Progress alert color of phase and goal groups incorrectly calculating when filters are used.

  • Unhandled error when using the Find function when fields on project components were empty.

  • Removing a stakeholder also removes them from many other project components. Undo/Redo is recording each of these removals individually rather than as one action.

  • Filter text remains in place after deleting the last of any project component.

And several enhancements:

  • Moved the Undo/Redo buttons from the individual tabs to menu bar.

  • Added "Manual Sort" so that it's more intuitive to brainstorm and place activities in order of execution while building the Activities list. This also makes it easier to find and link activity predecessors in the Edit Schedule dialog.

  • Added a toggle button on the Activities tab to allow ungrouping of Activities (from Phases and Goals), to create a single list that sorts precisely by Date and Progress Alert.

  • Added a "General" tab to the Settings options dialog. Now allows a choice of date range for decluttering of activities.

  • Exporting of the Assignments list is now available as an option in the Export dialog.

  • Added the "Do not adjust" flag (checkbox) to the main activity detail tab (to the right of the Planned Finish Date picker).

  • Automatic navigation to a changed item when using Undo/Redo is now more intelligent, and only resets Declutter and filtering if the affected item is hidden.

  • Updated holidays library.

Project EMC2 will automatically update itself the next time it is started.


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