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Update v2.0.0.1

This update includes minor changes and bug fixes.

  • Fixed issue where after using the duration estimation tool, the project refuses to save.

  • Activities are now added at the end of the Goal list.

  • Changed wording on Paste menu items.

  • Actual Start/Finish dates are no longer automatically set when changing Percent Complete if they are already populated.

  • When a new Activity is created, the Planned Start date is set to the Project Start date or today, whichever is later.

  • Reserved space for all project component lists on left side (e.g., Stakeholders list), allowing right-click when pasting to an empty list.

  • Actual Finish date is now automatically populated when Work Status is set to Complete.

  • On Hold and Canceled statuses cannot be selected for Activities after setting Percent Complete to 100 (Work Status changed to Complete).


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