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Update v2.1.0.0

Updated: Aug 30

This is an exciting release! It includes new enhancements requested by users and several fixes as well.


  • User profile verification is now optional. A new tool was added to the Change Log toolbar to set this option for each project, and an Application Settings switch has been added to set the default for new projects. Hovering the pointer over a user's name in the Change Log shows their email address and whether or not their profile was verified at the time the change was made.

  • There is a new tool on the Schedule View page that allows you to simultaneously set the Activity Start Date and Do Not Update flag for activities. The tool has a Lock symbol. To use it, drop it down and set the start date. Then click the toggle button portion of the tool to ensure it is turned on. Then set the Do Not Update toggle button for each activity you want to set.

  • Standard Cut/Copy/Paste clipboard tools have been added to the toolbars on all project component tabs. This also enables the standard keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+X,CTRL+C,CTRL+V). This especially makes it easier when creating your project Phases, Goals and Activities.

  • There are now two Paste menu items when right-clicking a project component: "Paste" and "Paste as New." The Paste menu pastes the item verbatim, and preserves all Details, Action Items and Notes. The "Paste as New" option only pastes the Name and Details fields, as if the item was created using the Add button.

  • The "Move Up" and "Move Down" functionality on the Activities Detail page and the Schedule View page has been moved from the popup menus to the toolbars. Simply select Phase, Goal, or Activity and click the Move Up/Down buttons. This makes it easier and faster to manually sort the Phases, Goals and Activities.

  • The popup menu for Goals now has an "Add Requirements" option. Use this to set multiple requirements for all Activities in the Goal.

  • The tab items on all tabs throughout the application have been spaced apart slightly and given a slightly different background color. This makes them more discernable, particularly when using Dark theme.

  • Canceled activities now appear with strikethrough text on the Schedule page.

  • A "Copy to New Project" popup menu item has been added to the project buttons on the Archive page. Using this feature creates a new project from the selected project and automatically adds it to the Portfolio.

  • All "Find" search boxes now require a minimum of three letters before the find function begins. This speeds up searches and returns results that are more meaningful.

  • Right-clicking on a project component (Stakeholder, Activity, etc.) now makes it the current selection, in addition to displaying the popup menu.

  • Setting the Do Not Adjust flag on an activity automatically clears the predecessors.

  • After successful user profile verification, the Verification Code field is now cleared.


  • Navigating to a selected project component sometimes resulted in a crash.

  • Under certain circumstances, e.g. creating new Requirements, Risks and Issues caused unnecessary undo/redo entries.

  • Undo/Redo actions were unnecessarily recorded.

  • Creating a new project with the Application Settings option "Creator is a Project Manager" did not include the Organization when the stakeholder is created.

  • Closure errors were not detected for Activities that aren't complete.


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