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Update v2.2.0.0

This update focuses on new report features, as well as other enhancements and fixes.


  • Added the "Send to Clipboard" button to the "Preview and Send" page for reports. This allows you to copy and paste the HTML report content directly into the body of email messages using your email client or edit the report in word processing applications like MS Word.

  • Milestones are now available at the Phase and Goal level, and milestones now appear in the Activities Summary section of reports.

  • Added the Focus Filter to report content. This has the same effect on the report content that it has throughout the application (excludes items that are closed, canceled, completed, inactive, or in the distant future).

  • Added a Goal header to group the Activities Details portion of reports. Each group is sorted by the Start Date.

  • The report template has been completely reworked and should load faster in email clients and browsers. It is now 800 pixels wide (versus 720 previously).

  • The project critical path is now highlighted in red on the Schedule Page.

  • The "Projected Finish" date is now available on the Project Activities Overview page. The date is shown whenever the schedule has been updated.

  • The "Set Start Date and Do Not Adjust" tool is automatically turned ON when the Start Date is changed. Also added a teaching tip to explain the functionality.

  • Changed "Close Project" to "Project Closure" on Overview page.

  • Added an Application Setting to automatically refresh Portfolio and Archive pages each time the pages are loaded.

  • When canceling an Activity, its predecessors and successors are now removed from itself and all other linked activities.

  • The Project Errors tab now includes an error when an activity Start Date or Finish Date is not a workday.


  • The prompt text for Goal name was incorrectly showing "Enter phase name." It now shows "Enter goal name."


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