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Update v2.3.0.0

This update focuses on scheduling improvements and stakeholder assignments, as well as other enhancements and fixes.


  • Project EMC2 now handles hourly activity durations. Just click the duration on the Activity or Schedule page and choose Workdays or Hours from the dropdown.

  • A timeline header was added to Gantt chart on Schedule View page. The project start date is shown on the left and the planned finish date is on the right. The total number of workdays is shown in the center, and the background progress bar indicates "today."

  • Added an "Assignments" section to reports, with options to report on activities, action items, issues, risks and requirements.

  • New "Assignments View" page added to the Portfolio. This enables you to see stakeholder assignments across the entire portfolio of projects. It includes a breakdown of open assignments for each stakeholder by overdue status, assignment counts for over the next 6 weeks, and the total assignment count. Assignments include activities, action items, requirements, risks and issues. The view is sortable by stakeholder name and all column counts. The view can be exported to CSV file.

  • Added an "Open Assignments" template report, optionally included when new projects are created.

  • The report Last Sent date is now updated after exporting or sending to the report to the clipboard.

  • Removed the close button "OK" button on "Click here to start" teaching tip and changed to light dismiss.

  • Added "(critical path)" to tooltip text for critical path activities' Gannt chart bars on Schedule View page.

  • Changed all inline date pickers to calendar view pickers. This saves screen space and provides context for choosing dates.

  • Flattened the appearance of repeat buttons for activity durations on the Activity page and Schedule View page to better match other UI controls.


  • Critical path miscalculated under certain circumstances with a subsequent error in the project Projected Finish Date.

  • Repeated warning when trying to send a report with an empty email subject line.


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