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Update v3.0.0.0

Updated: Nov 2

Improvements to this version makes project planning faster and easier. The new Quick Set tools update multiple project components at once, including stakeholders, requirements, activities, risks, issues and reports.

Project EMC2 now supports activity resource effort (in hours) and provides resource assignments and effort views across your entire project portfolio. It's often the case that critical resources are working on multiple projects at once, and these views let you instantly see if anyone is overloaded or has extra capacity.


  • Added a new "Quick Set" tool (lightning symbol) to perform fast update actions on a selection of project components. This includes adding Action Items and Notes.

  • Project EMC2 now supports resource effort on activities (in hours). The Errors tab reports errors when the effort of a resource exceeds the duration of an activity, and a new Portfolio Effort View has been added. This view shows you which resources are potentially overloaded by week across the entire project portfolio.

  • Multiple selection of all project components (stakeholders, requirements, activities, risks, issues and reports) is now enabled. Use familiar keyboard shortcuts like CTRL and CTRL + SHIFT to select. Also added tools for Select All (CTRL + A), Select None, and Invert Selection.

  • Added a Delete tool for all project components so that the DEL key will remove selected project components.

  • The default for Portfolio Auto-Refresh application setting is now ON. This ensures that you always see the current information on the Portfolio page.

  • The Activity Resources and Requirements tabs only show selected items. This results in less screen clutter.

  • Ordering activities by date is now more accurate when the schedule has been updated (better reflects the order of precedence).

  • When it is not possible to calculate the Projected Finish Date, more descriptive messages are displayed regarding the current status.

  • Added options to export just the current view or the full set of raw data from the Portfolio Assignments View and the Portfolio Effort View.


  • When there are no milestones, reports with Activity Summary selected do not display "Nothing to report" for milestones.

  • Dark theme hides standard Windows controls.

  • Setting Work Status to Complete results in unnecessary Undo/Redo entries.

  • A "Save changes?" prompt sometimes occurs when navigating away from a project even when no changes have been made.

  • When all activities are removed from a goal, the goal is no longer displayed in the list after saving and re-opening the project.

  • Some Change Log entries are not being saved (e.g. "Milestone Complete").

  • Planned Activity progress bar incorrectly shows progress when duration is set in hours.

  • Project Errors incorrectly reporting that "No content selected for this report" when Assignment content is selected.

  • Change Log not recording when Project Start date is today.

  • Requirement acceptance criteria not copying when using the "Copy to New Project" context menus on the Portfolio and Archive pages.


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