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Update v3.6.0.0

Enhancements in this version focus on productivity and user experience improvements, including new tools for project resource assignments and scheduling conflict resolution.


  • Added reassignment tools to the Stakeholders/Assignments tab. Quickly reassign all assignments to another stakeholder, or reassign individually.

  • Added Availability export for all stakeholders.

  • Added scheduling conflicts flag to the project activities list.

  • Last detail tab on all major tabs is saved. This makes it easier when returning to a tab, e.g. for correcting errors or using the Find tool.

  • Made navigation to the Full Permissions, Project Overview and My Assignments pages always available in the Switch View button, according to the user's permissions.

  • Changed "Overview" terminology for Overview tab to "General," to eliminate confusion between the Overview tab and the Project Overview page.

  • Centered overview pages for all tabs when list is empty (e.g. stakeholders overview).

  • Moved "Create Issue from Risk" from Risk page Quick Set tool to the risk context menu.

  • Tied the experience of user profile setup on the first run to the New Project Guide.

  • Adding a phase now adds three blank goals, and adding a goal adds three blank activities.


  • In-use project files are not ignored when updating availability from Portfolio page.


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