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Daily project management made easy

Project EMC2 is the perfect assistant to plan and execute your project.

Always prepared. No surprises.

Easy scheduling

Layout your project in a simple structure of phases, goals and activities. Then set your project start date, configure your activities, click a button, and your schedule is done!

Edit Schedule.png
Productive meetings

Project EMC2 provides a natural agenda for your project team meetings, so you're always prepared. And accurate note taking, action item and work assignments, schedule updates, and issue and risk management are right at your fingertips.

After the meeting, quickly send action item reminders to your team with just a few clicks.

Project Team Meeting2.png
Stay in scope

Keep your project focused and prevent scope creep with accurate requirement tracking and clearly defined acceptance criteria.

Effective communications

Managing project stakeholders is an art, but the key to success is transparency and setting expectations with clear and timely communications. Project EMC2 sends mobile-friendly project reports directly to your stakeholders' email inboxes. There are no links to follow or attachments to open, and each report has just the right amount of tailored information. Best of all, it fits right into their daily routine for high readership.

Reports - Laptop Tablet Phone2.png
Prevent mistakes

Project EMC2 ensures that everything gets done. And it protects the integrity of your projects by tracking risks, issues, important decisions, and detects project errors, identifies unnecessary work, and warns when the schedule needs to be adjusted. 


Project EMC2 also tracks project changes in the Change Log and provides closure readiness tools to give you confidence that every "i" is dotted and "t" is crossed when your project is ready to close.

Errors Tab3.png
Resource management

It's often the case that resources are working on multiple projects at once. Project EMC2 lets you see resource assignments and loading across your entire portfolio. See who is overloaded and who has extra capacity at a glance.

Project EMC2 also tracks project team and stakeholder time spent on the project. Time can be recorded in whole-hour, quarter-hour, or tenth-hour increments.

Great organization

Everything is color coded and sortable according to its need for attention. See what's important, and what can wait.


Too much information? Instantly focus on what's important with the Focus tool.

Lose something? Use the global search across the entire project to quickly find that elusive note, action item, or any other project component.

Built for speed

Project EMC2 is built for speed with a single application window, minimal popup dialogs and a tabbed layout for one-click access to everything, even your archived projects.

Built for Speed.png

Project EMC2 let's you choose between light and dark themes to match the way you work.

It's your data

Freely import and export Excel-compatible CSV files to exchange data with other applications. You can also reuse entire projects or copy and paste elements from any current or archived project.

Activities Export.png
Cloud Services

Project EMC2 Cloud Services provide collaborative features for project managers, team members and stakeholders. Learn more about the current offerings.

cloud services project overview page.png
Easy to learn

Project EMC2 provides built-in learning features, including teaching tips, review checklists, and a New Project Guide to help you get up and running quickly.

teaching tip.png
Ready to get started?

Project EMC2 is perfect for small to medium-sized organizations and independent project managers. It handles a variety of project sizes with ease, from small projects to large initiatives. It has everything you need, and nothing you don't. Best of all, Project EMC2 is free. Really.

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