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Release History

Updated: 3 days ago


This version focuses on improving the user experience of the project schedule Gantt chart and Change Log. Other enhancements and minor fixes are also included.


  • Changed the Gantt chart units to hours so that the bars don't overlap for activities that are less than a workday. Also increased the minimum bar size so that it's easier to hover the pointer to see the tooltip dates.

  • Added capture of Action Items and Notes changes to the Change Log.

  • Added Type and Period filters to the Change Log toolbar.

  • Reorganized the Change Log columns. Added Go To button to navigate to the changed item.

  • Added a "Create Risk from Decision" tool.

  • Added a "Recent Decisions" template report.

  • Changed report recipients toggle button to match style of main project component toggle buttons. This makes it easier to identify and select recipients.

  • Made Decision "Approved By" drop down list have a blank/null value option so the choice can be cleared if necessary.

  • Redesigned and moved the "Refresh Error List" button to end of toolbar and removed the Include Closure Errors checkbox. The Refresh button now behaves like Save/Save As button with menu options.

  • Consolidated all individual progress rings into a single progress ring at the top of the application window.


  • Type filter does not work on new Change Log entries.

  • The Closing text of reports does not save.

  • Reports with only Decision content selected incorrectly generates error in Project Errors list.

  • Cloud Services allows continued editing of in-use project files after long periods of CPU sleep.


This version introduces the Decision Log, a place to record important project decisions for the benefit of the current project and future projects. Other minor enhancements and fixes are also included.


  • Added the Decision Log, a new tab on the Full Editor main page. The decision log tracks several elements, including:

    • Name: Naming a decision differentiates it from others made over the life cycle of the project.

    • Details: An overview of the decision you’ve made.

    • Decision Date: When you made the decision.

    • Rationale: The reason for the decision.

    • Alternatives: Other options discussed but decided against.

    • Impact: Describes the impact or expected effects of the decision.

    • Approved By: The sign-off, usually from the project manager.

    • Contributors: List everyone who contributed to the decision.

    • Standard Action Items and Notes tabs

  • Added decisions to project Exports

  • Added decisions to project Errors

  • Added decisions to global Find

  • Added decisions changes to the Change Log (e.g. when a decision is approved)

  • Added Decisions section to Reports


  • Sorting Activities by Start Date doesn't always sort in order of the schedule.


Enhancements in this version focus on user experience improvements, including more flexible importing and exporting, more robust activity selection, and management of project changes shown in reports.


  • Improved the Import experience by removing the requirement for a header row and simplifying the field specifications. Date formats now match the user's culture.

  • Improved the Export experience with multiple selection of project items with the option to save multiple project component exports to a single file and to use the Focus filter. Date formats now match the user's culture.

  • Activity selection and context menus on the Schedule page now match the behavior of Activity selection on the Activities page.

  • Added "Reports Changes" tab to the Report page. This allows review of changes that are included in reports that have Changes selected as content, and optional exclusion before Preview and Send.

  • Set Cloud Services in-use behavior to account for all unexpected errors (network or otherwise). Once the in-use flag is set, the user must exit without saving and try again later.

  • The Change Log can now be sorted by date or project component type.

  • Set Activity Start Date and Discovered dates for Risks and Issues now display full calendar view. This makes it easier to choose a date in full context (e.g. if all you can remember is "it was a Monday.")

  • Moved the Update Schedule AppBarButton on the General page to the CommandBar. This make more sense, since changes to both the Project Start Date and the Holidays affect the project schedule. It also brings immediate attention to the schedule when a project file is opened.

  • Removed undo from Update Schedule. Update Schedule is a non-destructive function, and this also eliminates the unnecessary undo when "auto-update schedule upon save" is ON (an Application Setting).

  • On the Project Overview and My Assignments pages, automatically refresh the report when both ComboBoxes have a value and one of them changes. Removed the Refresh button.

  • Set new Application Settings defaults: Undo/Redo Descriptions ON and Include Template Activities OFF.

  • Added "Clear Predecessors" context menu to Phases and Goals on the Activities and Schedule pages.

  • Changing Activity Percent Complete from 0 sets the Actual Start date. This creates two undo/redo entries, which isn't intuative for the undo operation; same for Percent Complete = 100/Actual Finish date.

  • Change Progress Ring to Progress Bar on Home Page to indicate Webview navigation status.

  • Disabled Export button on Portfolio Open Assignments page when there are no open assignments.

  • Added Teaching Tip to the Portfolio Open Assignments view and Tool Tips to each column header. Changed Stakeholder column to read "Stakeholder."

  • Added Teaching Tip to the Portfolio Effort view and Tool Tips to each column header. Changed Stakeholder column to read "Stakeholder."

  • Added border color to the "User Profile Verification" to highlight verification section/procedure. Changed button text from "Get Code" to "Get Verification Code".

  • Changed the Save As suggested file name to append "- Copy (#)"

  • Changed verbiage of Project Closure error (must fix red errors to close project) to be more clear with plain language.

  • Added Teaching Tip to Change Log toolbar to explain entry exclusions.

  • Reorganized Workdays and Holidays toolbar on the General page.

  • Reordered Review Checklist on Activities page. Moved "Updated Schedule" below all checklist items that would cause the schedule to need updating.

  • First number boxes on popup dialogs no longer enter text edit mode upon display.

  • Changed verbiage on the Edit Last Sent flyout on the Report page.

  • Updated New Project Guide on the Reports page to include instructions for the new Report Changes tab.

  • Added an empty row to the header of reports so that the report title isn't flush against the top of the browser or email client window.

  • Added a Report Preview Checklist, similar to Review checklists on other components.


  • Context menu only deletes the current activity, not all selected activities.

  • Clearing Report Subject Line has weird effect. It looks like the placeholder text is shown behind the default Subject Line (Project Name - Report Title).

  • Phases are sorting multiple times for each sort command.

  • Navigating with new buttons in the Expanders does not preserve or apply the selected detail tab (e.g. alternates between Action Items tab and Notes tab for Activities).

  • Keyboard accelerators for Select Inverse and Select None not available on the Schedule page.

  • Select All when a project component list is long does not select all items.


Enhancements in this version focus on user experience improvements, along with minor bug fixes.


  • Added Back and Forward navigation buttons in the Details section for each project component (e.g. Stakeholder, Requirement, Activity, etc.)? When list is long and the current item is scrolled out of view, this makes it easier to navigate to the next and automatically scrolls the item into view.

  • Added Quick Set tools to all item context menus.

  • Added Discovered Date to QuickTools for Risks and Issues.

  • Enabled Quick Tools when only one item is selected.

  • Added view-only reports to the My Assignments page and Project Overview page. The reports shown can be designated on the Full Editor Reports page.

  • Changed the header text on each item on the Project Overview page and Assignments Only page to match the current tab selected.

  • Added a Refresh button to the Find tool so that correcting long lists of found items can grow shorter as they are addressed.

  • Added a Find textbox to the Activity Requirements and Activity Resources list to help search for a requirement when the list is long.

  • Highlighted the engagement level for all resource lists throughout the application, making it easier to find an assign the correct resources.

  • Added ToolTip to Goals that shows the Goal name. This is helpful for goals with many activities that may cause the goal name to scroll out of view.

  • Changed background color in Dark mode for Inactive/Project Resource or Manager. This makes it easier to distinguish Inactive Stakeholders from the currently selected Engagement level, which had similar shades of gray.


  • Out of Scope requirements trigger "No associated activity" error.


Enhancements in this version focus on easy user feedback and user experience improvements, along with minor bug fixes.


  • Added an easy feedback feature to the application Home page and left navigation bar.

  • "Copy to New Project" on the Portfolio page and Archive page now includes the project assets.

  • Added descriptions to each color on the color legend TeachingTip on left navigation bar.

  • Changed verbiage of Portfolio/Assignments View and Effort View/Export menu items from "Export View" to "Export Current View".

  • Made the Portfolio Assignments View/Effort View choices available from any page.


  • Organizational Project ID on the General page doesn't save.


Enhancements in this version focus on productivity and user experience improvements, including new tools for project resource assignments and scheduling conflict resolution.


  • Added reassignment tools to the Stakeholders/Assignments tab. Quickly reassign all assignments to another stakeholder, or reassign individually.

  • Added Availability export for all stakeholders.

  • Added scheduling conflicts flag to the project activities list.

  • Last detail tab on all major tabs is saved. This makes it easier when returning to a tab, e.g. for correcting errors or using the Find tool.

  • Made navigation to the Full Permissions, Project Overview and My Assignments pages always available in the Switch View button, according to the user's permissions.

  • Changed "Overview" terminology for Overview tab to "General," to eliminate confusion between the Overview tab and the Project Overview page.

  • Centered overview pages for all tabs when list is empty (e.g. stakeholders overview).

  • Moved "Create Issue from Risk" from Risk page Quick Set tool to the risk context menu.

  • Tied the experience of user profile setup on the first run to the New Project Guide.

  • Adding a phase now adds three blank goals, and adding a goal adds three blank activities.


  • In-use project files are not ignored when updating availability from Portfolio page.


Enhancements in this version focus on user experience improvements, including a New Project Guide to assist with setting up new projects and improved CSV file importing dialogs.


  • Created a step-wise "New Project Guide" to assist with setting up new projects.

  • Improved the file import experience with file specifications shown first.

  • Improved the Application Settings page. Separated the General section of application settings into logical groupings of Startup and Open, Save and Exit, Interface and Navigation, and Learning Project EMC2.

  • Improved teaching tips. Updated teaching tips on the Application Settings page and added teaching tips on the Activities Overview and the Project Overview, and Stakeholder Engagement tab.

  • Add a FAQ to Project EMC2 website to explain how to set first day of week and date format.


  • Availability is set upon open when Cloud Services reports in-use.

  • Select None is enabled even when there are no items in list.


Enhancements in this version focus on making the application easier to learn with the addition of "teaching tips," along with further refinements to the user experience.


  • Added Teaching Tips througout Project EMC2. Teaching tips are information icons that popup with more information about an application feature. Once you are familiar with Project EMC2, teaching tips can be hidden on the Application Settings page (gear icon).

  • Select None and Select Inverse for all project component lists now have keyboard accelerator keys (CTRL+N and CTRL+I, respectively).

  • Moved the Auto-Sequence feature from the Quick Set tool to popup context menus on Phases and Goals.

  • Replaced the Do Not Adjust toggle buttons on the Schedule page with icons.

  • Closed projects cannot be saved unless a user has full permissions.

  • The Last Sent date for reports can now be edited.

  • When clicking on the mail link in the signature block of a report, the project name is now included in the subject line of the email.

  • Added "No Open Assignments" and "No Effort to Report" to the Portfolio Open Assignments page and Portfolio Effort page, respectively.

  • Changed the Stakeholders List template report to include stakeholder email address. Removed "Is Project Resource" column.

  • Added Application Setting for time log focus number of days (similar to activity focus number of days - defaults to 60 days).


  • Requirements and Risks on the My Assignments Only view shows all requirements and risks.

  • Cannot select first option time log hours and time log stakeholder lists.

  • When navigating from Activities page to Schedule page, the activities Find filter is not cleared.

  • Paste doesn't work for project components lists.

  • Portfolio Assignments page and Portfolio Effort page continue to show statistics from last remaining project removed from the portfolio even though the portfolio is empty.


Enhancements in this version focus on time reporting and further improvements to project asset sharing.


  • Added Time Log to capture stakeholder effort. Project Managers can manage the Time Log on the Project Overview page of the Full Permissions view. Stakeholders can manage their project time on the My Assignments Only view. The Time Log supports whole-hour, quarter-hour, and tenth-hour increments.

    • To support the Time Log, also added Person ID to Stakeholders (e.g. Employee ID) and Organization Project ID. These new fields are included in Time Log exports.

    • Added Time Log to the Project Settings tab. Time Log recording is OFF by default.

  • Added Assets to My Assignments Only and Project Overview Only views. Also added option to share individual assets on My Assigments Only and Project Overview Only views.

  • Added Find and Sort tools to applicable pages on My Assigments Only and Project Overview Only views.

  • Added context menus (e.g. Cut/Copy/Paste) for Stakeholders, Requirements, Activities, Risks, Issues, Reports.

  • Added choice to add email links for project managers and/or current user in report signature block.

  • Updated template reports to reflect recent changes.

  • Removed template activity Names (e.g. Phase 1, Goal 1, Activity 1) so they're easier to rename.

  • Set globalization for calendar controls.

  • Disable Quick Release tools when no items are selected.


Deleting a requirement with associated activities created too many Undo/Redo actions.


Improvements in this version focus on project assets and stakeholder availability management.


  • Stakeholders can now maintain their availability on the User Profile page and apply it to all projects in the Portfolio. Availability can also be updated automatically each time a project is opened. This provides an update-once-apply-everywhere way to keep stakeholder availability up to date.

  • Project assets (documents, spreadsheets, websites, etc.) can now be managed on the Project Overview page. This is a convenient one-stop place to manage and access project assets. These are typically shared files and folders, e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. Find and sort tools provide quick access to specific assets.

  • Added a project setting to update the project schedule upon save. This ensures that stakeholders with None or My Assignments Only permissions will always see an accurate schedule.

  • Changed the tabs on the Project to match the appearance on the My Assignments Only and No Permissions pages.


Improvements in this version focus on project security and integrity, and also introduces the new Project EMC2 Cloud Services.


  • Added progress ring to Portfolio and Archive pages during loading.

  • Added Project EMC2 Cloud Services. These are collaborative features for project managers, team members and stakeholders. In-app purchase available. Visit for full details on the current offering.

  • Added a Settings tab on Project Overview page to manage project settings.

  • Added a Permissions tab for Stakeholders (Full/Assignments Only/None). Also added permissions to the Quick Set tool on Stakeholders tab.

  • Changed from email server to email client for sending reports.

  • Set globalization on calendar controls so they can reflect the user's culture.

  • Adding holidays to a project can now be undone with one undo command (prior required undo for each holiday added)


  • Change Log does not sort by date.


Improvements in this version focus on application performance. The application is now built on the latest version 8 of the .NET framework.


  • Project EMC2 now uses version 8 of the .NET framework. This version includes over 1200 performance improvements.

  • There are now menu options to quickly add stakeholders to a project from the projects in the Portfolio and Archive.

  • Increased the speed of Change Log find function. Past performance was slow once the Change Log grew larger than 1000 entries.

  • The Show Details/Last Used application setting option now remembers the last used state of the Details section independently on each tab.

  • Added "Reset" buttons to review checklists on all tabs.

  • Now handles title case better when naming project files (which is used to set the initial project name).


  • Navigating away from a project does reset the main window title.


Improvements to this version makes project planning faster and easier. New Quick Set tools select and update multiple project components at once, including stakeholders, requirements, activities, risks, issues and reports. Project EMC2 now supports activity resource effort (in hours) and provides resource assignments and effort views across your entire project portfolio. It's often the case that critical resources are working on multiple projects at once, and these views let you instantly see if anyone is overloaded or has extra capacity.


  • Multiple selection of all project components (stakeholders, requirements, activities, risks, issues and reports) is now enabled. Use familiar keyboard shortcuts like CTRL and CTRL + SHIFT to select. Also added tools for Select All (CTRL + A), Select None, and Invert Selection.

  • Added a Delete tool for all project components so that the DELETE key will remove selected project components.

  • Added a new "Quick Set" tool (lightning symbol) to perform fast update actions on a selection of project components. This includes adding Action Items and Notes for all items.

  • Project EMC2 now supports resource effort on activities (in hours). The Errors tab now reports errors when the effort of a resource exceeds the duration of an activity, and a new Portfolio Effort View has been added. This view shows you which resources are potentially overloaded by week across the entire project portfolio.

  • The default for Portfolio Auto-Refresh application setting is now ON. This ensures that you always see the current information on the Portfolio page.

  • The Activity Resources and Requirements tabs only show selected items. This results in less screen clutter.

  • Ordering activities by date is now more accurate when the schedule has been updated (better reflects the order of precedence).

  • When it is not possible to calculate the Projected Finish Date, more descriptive message are displayed regarding the current status.

  • Added options to export the just the current view or the full set of raw data from the Portfolio Assignments View and the Portfolio Effort View.


  • When there are no milestones, reports with Activity Summary selected do not display "Nothing to report" for milestones.

  • Changed background color of main window title bar. Dark theme was hiding standard Windows controls.

  • Activity Actual Start and Actual Finish dates cause a UI loop when setting WorkStatus to Complete resulting in unnecessary UndoRedo entries.

  • A "Save changes?" prompt sometimes occurs when navigating away from a project even when no changes have been made.

  • When all activities are removed from a goal, the goal is no longer displayed in the listview after saving and re-opening the project.

  • Some Change Log entries were not being saved (e.g. "Milestone Complete").

  • Planned Activity progress bar incorrectly shows progress when duration is set in hours.

  • Project Errors incorrectly reporting that "No content selected for this report" when Assignment content is selected.

  • Change Log not recording when Project Start date is today.

  • Requirement acceptance criteria not copying when using the "Copy to New Project" context menus on the Portfolio and Archive pages.



  • Now handles hourly activity durations.

  • Timeline header added to Gantt chart on Schedule View page.

  • Added an "Assignments" section to reports.

  • New "Assignments View" page added to the Portfolio. This enables you to see stakeholder assignments across the entire portfolio of projects. Includes a breakdown of open assignments for each stakeholder by overdue status, assignment counts for over the next 6 weeks broken down by week, and the total assignment count. Assignments include activities, action items, requirements, risks and issues. The view is sortable by stakeholder name and all column counts.

  • Added an "Open Assignments" template report.

  • The report Last Sent date is now updated after exporting or sending to the report to the clipboard.

  • Removed the close button {"OK" button) on "Click here to start" t eaching tip and changed to light dismiss.

  • Added "(critical path)" to tooltip text for critical path activities' Gannt chart bars on Schedule View page.

  • Changed all inline date pickers to calendar view pickers.

  • Flattened the appearance of repeat buttons for activity durations on the Activity page and Schedule View page.


  • Critical path miscalculated under certain circumstances and subsequent error in the project Projected Finish Date.

  • Repeated warning when trying to send a report with an empty email subject line.



  • Added the "Send to Clipboard" button to the "Preview and Send" page for reports. This allows you to copy and paste the HTML report content directly into the body of email messages using your email client or edit the report in word processing applications like MS Word.

  • Milestones are now available at the Phase and Goal level, and milestones now appear in the Activities Summary section of reports.

  • Added the Focus Filter to report content. This has the same effect on the report content that it has throughout the application (excludes items that are closed, canceled, completed, inactive, or in the distant future).

  • Added a Goal header to group the Activities Details portion of reports. Each group is sorted by the Start Date.

  • The report template has been completely reworked and should load faster in email clients and browsers. It is now 800 pixels wide (versus 720 previously).

  • The project critical path is now highlighted in red on the Schedule Page.

  • The "Projected Finish" date is now available on the Project Activities Overview page. The date is shown whenever the schedule has been updated.

  • The "Set Start Date and Do Not Adjust" tool is automatically turned ON when the Start Date is changed. Also added a teaching tip to explain the functionality.

  • Changed "Close Project" to "Project Closure" on Overview page.

  • Added an Application Setting to automatically refresh Portfolio and Archive pages each time the pages are loaded.

  • When canceling an Activity, its predecessors and successors are now removed from itself and all other linked activities.

  • The Project Errors tab now includes an error when an activity Start Date or Finish Date is not a workday.


  • The prompt text for Goal name was incorrectly showing "Enter phase name." It now shows "Enter goal name."



  • User profile verification is now optional. A new tool was added to the Change Log toolbar to set this option for each project, and an Application Settings switch has been added to set the default for new projects. Hovering the pointer over a user's name in the Change Log shows their email address and whether or not their profile was verified at the time the change was made.

  • Standard Cut/Copy/Paste clipboard tools have been added to the toolbars on all project component tabs. This also enables the standard keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+X,CTRL+C,CTRL+V). This especially makes it easier when creating your project Phases, Goals and Activities.

  • There are now two Paste menu items when right-clicking a project component: "Paste" and "Paste as New." The Paste menu pastes the item verbatim, and preserves all Details, Action Items and Notes. The "Paste as New" option only pastes the Name and Details fields, as if the item was creates using the Add button.

  • The "Move Up" and "Move Down" functionality on the Activities Detail page and the Schedule View page has been moved from the popup menus to the toolbars. Simply select Phase, Goal, or Activity and click the Move Up/Down buttons. This makes it easier and faster to manually sort the Phases, Goals and Activities.

  • The popup menu for Goals now has an "Add Requirements" option. Use this to set multiple requirements for all Activities for the Goal.

  • The tab items on all tabs throughout the application have been spaced apart slightly and given a slightly different background color. This makes them more discernable, particularly when using Dark theme.

  • Canceled activities now appear with strikethrough text on the Schedule page.

  • A "Copy to New Project" popup menu item has been added to the project buttons on the Archive page. Using this feature creates a new project from the selected project and automatically adds it to the Portfolio.

  • All "Find" search boxes now require a minimum of three letters before the find function begins. This speeds up searches and returns results that are more meaningful.

  • Right-clicking on a project component (Stakeholder, Activity, etc.) now makes it the current selection, in addition to displaying the popup menu.

  • Setting the Do Not Adjust flag on an activity automatically clears the predecessors.

  • After successful user profile verification, the Verification Code field is now cleared.


  • Navigating to a selected project component sometimes resulted in a crash.

  • Under certain circumstances, e.g. creating new Requirements, Risks and Issues caused unnecessary undo/redo entries.

  • Undo/Redo actions were unnecessarily recorded.

  • Creating a new project with the Application Settings option "Creator is a Project Manager" did not include the Organization when the stakeholder is created.

  • Closure errors were not detected for Activities that aren't complete.



  • Activities are now added at the end of the Goal list.

  • Changed wording on Paste menu items.

  • Actual Start/Finish dates are no longer automatically set when changing Percent Complete if they are already populated.

  • When a new Activity is created, the Planned Start date is set to the Project Start date or today, whichever is later.

  • Reserved space for all project component lists on left side (e.g., Stakeholders list), allowing right-click when pasting to an empty list.

  • Actual Finish date is now automatically populated when Work Status is set to Complete.

  • On Hold and Canceled statuses cannot be selected for Activities after setting Percent Complete to 100 (Work Status changed to Complete).


  • Fixed issue where after using the duration estimation tool, the project refuses to save.



  • Interface attention colors are now bolder.

  • Light and Dark application themes are also provided.

  • A new navigation bar has been added to the left side of the main window to switch between the major application pages (Portfolio, Archive, Help, Settings, etc.).

  • A new Home page with live content.

  • New user settings for controlling application behavior and new project and activity options.

  • The new Portfolio and Archive pages provide overview information for each project, as well as overall color-coded status tallies.

  • The import/export user experience has been streamlined to be quicker.

  • Review Checklists have been added to each major project component tab.

  • The Details section of each tab is now collapsible to optionally provide more vertical space for sub-tab sections that contain lists.

  • Almost all list items now have context menus available upon right-click.

  • All list items are now "un-selectable." That is, clicking on a selected item will un-select it.

  • All lists are now sortable by Open Action Items.

  • The Stakeholders list is also sortable by Open Assignments.

  • Stakeholder assignments have been moved to the Stakeholder Detail page.

  • Requirements are now sortable by Open Acceptance Criteria.

  • The Activities list now has sticky Phases. As you scroll down the Activities list, the current Phase remains in view at the top of the list.

  • Phases and Goals now have their own page. When a Phase or Goal is selected, a page is displayed which allows the name to be changed and displays overview statistics.

  • Predecessors for Activities within a Phase or Goal can now be automatically sequenced. This can dramatically speed up building the schedule.

  • Resources can be added to all Activities in a Goal.

  • An Activity can now be designated as a Milestone.

  • The relationship between Activity Percent Complete and Work Status have been changed, so that setting an Activity to Complete work status automatically sets the Percent Complete to 100.

  • Predecessors can now be set on the Details page. It is no longer necessary to go to the Schedule page.

  • All major tabs (Stakeholders, Requirements, Activities, Risks, Issues and Reports now have an Overview page. When there are no selected items (described above), the Overview page is shown which displays summary statistics.

  • The Schedule page is no longer a popup dialog, but a page that displays in the same frame as the Details page.

  • The old "Declutter" terminology has been replaced with "Focus". That is, there is now a Focus button in the top right corner of the application, which only shows the list items that require attention.

  • The Undo/Redo buttons can now be set to optionally show the undo description (vs. hovering the mouse over the Undo/Redo buttons to view the tooltip description).

  • The most commonly used Action Items and Notes sub-tabs have been moved to the number 1 and number 2 positions, respectively, to provide easy "muscle memory" access across all major tabs. Any remaining tabs following these two are alphabetized.

  • The new Reports Overview page provides a history of "Last Sent" dates for each report.

  • The Report Recipient's List and Subject Line fields have been moved to the Preview and Send page.

  • The Email Account Password field has been moved to the Preview and Send page (no longer a popup).



  • ProjectFile is being captured in Change Log when global changes to Project are recorded (should be reported from Project object, not ProjectFile object)

  • New items are not appearing at the top of the list when Declutter is ON

  • Third column of gantt chart width calculating as negative in some cases

  • On OpenFile DateHelper.Reset is called, which clears out the Workdays that was just set by reading the file.

  • Remove ToggleButtonShowSchedule from MainWindow.xaml (2 instances)

  • New project doesn't prompt to save if no changes are made

  • When creating a new Activity, the UndoRedoManager records the setting of the current Phase and Goal; it shouldn't; only the New Activity should be recorded.



  • Added a "General" tab to the Settings options window. Now allows a choice of date range for decluttering of activities.

  • Exporting of the Assignments list is now available as an option in the Export dialog.

  • Added the "Do not adjust" flag (checkbox) to the main activity detail tab (to the right of the Planned Finish Date datepicker).

  • Added Manual Sort so that it's more intuitive to brainstorm and order activities in rough order of execution while building the Activities list. This also makes it easier to find and link predecessors in the Edit Schedule dialog.

  • Automatic navigation to a change when using Undo/Redo is now more intelligent, and only resets Declutter and filtering if the affected item is hidden.

  • Moved the Undo/Redo buttons from the individual tabs to menu bar.

  • Added a toggle button on the Activities tab to allow ungrouping of Activities (from Phases and Goals), to create a single list that sorts precisely by Date and Progress Alert.

  • Updated holidays library.


  • Renaming of phases and goals only renames the activities that are visible (not filtered).

  • Progress alert color of phase and goal groups incorrectly calculating when filters are used.

  • Unhandled error when using the Find function when fields on project components were empty.

  • Removing a stakeholder also removes them from many other project components. Undo is recording these indivdually rather than as one action.

  • Filter text remains in place after deleting the last of any project component.

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